Blasts from the Past

I still have many paper copies of old QST’s lying around.  While thumbing through them a while back, I came across some articles that I felt should be resurrected and brought to the attention of newly licensed Hams and even some OT’s who may have missed or forgotten about them.

The QST archives are only accessible to ARRL members.  I concluded that reprinting selected articles might prove useful in convincing newcomers membership in ARRL provides access to information they can use to become more involved in Amateur Radio.

Having re-discovered these articles, I wanted to figure out how to bring them to the attention of others who might also find the information useful but who, because they aren’t ARRL members, might not be able to follow links to the articles in the QST archives.  Without a lot of hope for the answer I wanted, I wrote to ARRL requesting permission to post the articles on our club website and, knock me over with a feather, they approved my request almost immediately.

That’s the explanation for the new tab in our menu – “QST Reprints.”  I hope you find the information in the articles to be useful.  The initial articles I selected run the gamut from technical to how to prepare for your Last CQ.  They will be published over a period of weeks.

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