SBARC Meeting Minutes


Presentations of interest from selected past monthly meetings (all files are in PowerPoint format unless otherwise indicated).

SBARC bylaws, membership roster, and more!

Membership Application Form (PDF)

SBARC By-Laws (revised 7-23-15) (PDF)

SBARC Public Roster  (Revised 07/22/17 – PDF)

SBARC_Private_Roster (Revised 07/22/17 – Protected PDF- For Members Only)

Net script (Courtesy KG5NQL)

Expense Reimbursement Request (PDF)

NM Repeater List  (Takes you to NM Page at

Auxiliary Communications Field Operations Guide
(AUXFOG)_21_November_2013 (PDF)

National Interoperability Field Operations Guide v1.6.1
NIFOG Changes Version 1.5 vs 1.6 vs 1.6.1 (PDF)

Lincoln County Public Service Frequencies(PDF)

OpenOffice Spread sheet of above (*.ods)

Zen and the Art of Radiotelegraphy (PDF)