We provide outdoor event support
to help make your event
safe and enjoyable
for everyone

If you are planning an outdoor event that ranges over highways, streets, or trails in Lincoln County, we offer our FREE radio communication services to provide:

  • participant location tracking,
  • communications for logistics, and
  • rapid response in the event of mishap.

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One of our experienced coordinators will contact you to get more information if needed.

The Fine Print:

  • Our members are not participants in your event.  We are an outside organization providing support to communicate information requested by the event organizers
  • If participant progress reporting is requested, the event organizers are responsible to provide personnel to record participant progress at each checkpoint.  Our members will communicate the recorded information to event headquarters (typically a start/finish line).
  • If any SBARC member is requested to perform any task which is a function of the event organizers, such as following in a vehicle along streets or highways the last participant, at the moment the request is made until the task is completed, our member(s) shall be covered by any and all insurance which provides coverage to the organizers for the same task. 
  • SBARC carries its own liability insurance to cover the activities of our members.  SBARC members will not sign any insurance waivers presented by the organizers for any reason.

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